Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Dream Journal

I actually have some posts in my dream journal now, surprisingly. I have been neglecting it, much like I neglect many things (*cough* my blog *cough*). I will recite the latest entry, which is a dream that I had last night.

"I remember my gym class. We were in the main gym (again to the recurring school theme). Now all the children in the class were all lined up and watching a demonstration being put on by the teachers. My two gym teachers were busy performing brain surgery to a poor student as an example. They were removing half of the student's brain to make him retarded. They explained that they were going to do this t all of us and for some reason, I knew that this was part of a Nazi regime. I was really astonished by this and I was outraged and just generally freaking out. But oddly enough, I was the only one making a big deal about it. My peers were accepting of the fact that our Nazi teachers were going to perform brain surgery on them to make them simple (isn't there a procedure that does this? I cannot recall it's name. It is done to psychopaths I think). Maybe they were already retarded and didn't need the surgery. Anyways, I was freaking out all day and it ended up all being a joke."

So yeah, if any of you are still out there, expect more of this stuff, along with a lot of League of Legends stuff probably, because I have been playing a lot of that game recently.

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